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Blue Jean

Georgia Oakley | 2022 | 97 MINS
Nominations: Baftas 1

In Georgia Oakley’s quiet and soulful drama, a closeted PE teacher reckons with her identity during the introduction of stigmatising law to Thatcherite Britain.

In Detail

Rosy McEwen plays Jean, a gay woman who teaches PE at a secondary school, and has enthused a lot of the girls and even some of the boys about the school netball team.

She has to make sure her employers don’t find out she is gay: homophobia has always been bad and the Section 28 row threatens to make it worse. Adept at keeping her two lives separate, Jean’s world is rocked with the arrival of a new student who could destroy the veneer that she has successfully maintained. Oakley has crafted a sad and shrewd film about the loneliness of hiding your true self.

This is a quietly searing debut that puts the past in tacit dialogue with the present.

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