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Both Sides of the Blade

aka: Fire

Claire Denis | 2021 | 117 MINS
France | Subtitles
Claire Denis’s latest film stars Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lindon and Grégoire Colin, who complete a turbulent romantic triangle in this intensely intimate examination of the rupturing force of a past love.

In Detail

The three combatants are heavyweights of French cinema.

Juliette Binoche is Sara, a presenter on a highbrow Paris radio talk show, who for 10 years has lived with Jean (played by the smoulderingly rumpled Vincent Lindon); a former sports star, who has served time in prison for an unspecified offence. Jean has a teen son, Marcus whose mother now lives abroad and who is being raised by Jean’s mother Nelly.

The third corner of the triangle is François, Sara’s ex-lover whom she left for Jean on a passionate impulse a decade ago.

A tense and erotic yarn that is simply tremendous.

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