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Sarjun KM | 2022 | 80 MINS
India | Subtitles
A young woman in isolation is conflicted between her religion and her values when a young man who has been stabbed falls at her door.

In Detail

Najma, a young nurse and recent widow, is staying alone in the midst of her “iddah" - a four month mourning period where she must remain at home and avoid being seen by males - when Surya, who has been stabbed, falls at her door. Caught between modernity and tradition, a burqa-clad Najma decides to hide and treat the wounded Surya, whose philosophical inquiries and attraction to her cause Najma to question her own religious customs.

This unhurried, unashamedly stagey and beautifully lit chamber piece offers a fascinating insight into a philosophical conflict which to most of us is relatively unfamiliar.

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