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Cairo Conspiracy

Walad Min al Janna

Tarik Saleh | 2022 | 126 MINS
Sweden | Subtitles
International Panorama: Sweden

The election of a grand imam is the backdrop for this tense drama of innocence and corruption set at an esteemed Islamic university.

In Detail

Adam, a young man from a remote Egyptian province, receives the glad news that he’s won a scholarship to Al-Azhar University.

He is soon under the spell of Colonel Ibrahim who is fixing the new imam’s election. Soon a friend is dead and Adam is betraying his fellow students and helping Ibrahim blackmail his teachers. In this cutthroat environment, Adam looks more and more like a lamb headed to slaughter.

It is an engrossing tale, full of betrayal and chicanery, and it casts the Egyptian political-military complex and the religious hierarchy as riddled with corruption.

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