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Marie Kreutzer | 2022 | 113 MINS
Austria | Subtitles
International Panorama: Austria

Vicky Krieps puts in a star turn as lonely, patronised Elizabeth of Austria in Marie Kreutzer’s compelling portrait of a disaffected woman. Austria’s submission to the Best Foreign Film category in the 2023 Oscars.

In Detail

Royalty and the pedestal-prison of womanhood is the theme of this new film from Austrian director Marie Kreutzer, imagining the home life of the Hapsburg Empress Elizabeth of Austria in 1877, the year of her 40th birthday.

While Elizabeth's role has been reduced against her wishes to purely performative, her hunger for knowledge and zest for life makes her more and more restless. She travels to England and Bavaria, visiting former lovers and old friends, seeking the excitement and purpose of her youth.

A very gorgeous, eye-catching and tragic epic that is anchored by Krieps’s brilliant performance as the renegade queen.

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