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Days of Heaven

Terrence Malick | 1978 | 94 MINS
Classics Restored & Reissued

A beautiful screen poem by Terrence Malick (‘The Tree of Life’) about life in America at the turn of the century, made all the better by this new 4K restoration.

★★★★★ The Guardian

In Detail

In the early 20th century, Bill (Richard Gere) and Abby (Brooke Adams) are a Chicago couple on the run from the law who pose as brother and sister to find itinerant farm-work in Texas.

When an ailing young farmer (Sam Shepard) falls in love with Abby, Bill persuades her to take up with him, and then they can be rich together after he's gone. Of course, the plan goes wrong. This Malick masterpiece with transcendentally beautiful visuals is a fantastically rewarding experience, containing ideas and themes that would re-emerge in his later ‘The Tree of Life’ (2011).

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