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Decision to Leave

Park Chan Wook | 2022 | 138 MINS
South Korea | Subtitles
Nominations: Baftas 2

Park Chan Wook’s (‘The Handmaiden’, ‘Oldboy’) tale of a married detective torn between infidelity and moral duty keeps the viewer off-balance at every turn in this black-widow noir. Please note that the dates and times in the printed brochure have been updated.

In Detail

Hae-Joon, a detective investigating a man's death in the mountains meets the dead man's mysterious wife, Seo-rae. She has an alibi for the time of death, but as the circumstantial evidence mounts against her, Hae-Joon begins to fall deeply in love with this woman, who appears also to be falling for him, her protector.

Is Hae-Joon going to cover up for Seo-rae? Is she all that she appears to be? The deliciously manipulative plot twists are very Hitchcockian in their way. But the style is not pastiche, which is the way that idea usually arises; this is the kind of Hitchcockian film made by someone who hasn’t necessarily seen a Hitchcock film before.

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