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Le Daim

Quentin Dupieux | 2019 | 77 MINS
France | Subtitles
A man in the middle of a midlife crisis falls in love with his fringe jacket in this brilliantly twisted, darkly comic road-trip. Jean Dujardin plays the man determined to own the only jacket in the world.

In Detail

Director Quentin Dupieux made a film called Rubber about a killer tyre. So, it is no surprise to find him telling a tale of a man’s smouldering infatuation with a suede jacket. When the jacket tells him it wants to be the only jacket in the world – Georges is up to the task and sets about it with bloodthirsty enthusiasm dispatching those who won’t hand over their jackets with a blade from a ceiling fan.

There are echoes of Denis Wheatley’s black comedy Sightseers as well as the deadpan absurdity of Luis Buñuel. You’ll see nothing like it this, or perhaps any year.

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