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Dream Horse

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Euros Lyn | 2020 | 102 MINS


Jan, a cleaner and bartender, decides to breed a racehorse in her Welsh village. As the horse rises through the ranks, Jan and the townspeople are pitted against the racing elite in a race for the national championship.

In Detail

The film tells the inspiring true story of Dream Alliance, an unlikely racehorse bred by small town Welsh bartender, Jan Vokes (Toni Collette) perhaps as a way to add meaning to what she feels is a pretty humdrum life. With very little money and no experience, Jan convinces her neighbours (including Damien Lewis), a group of down-on-their-luck Welsh villagers, to chip in their meagre earnings to help raise Dream in the hopes he can compete with the racing elites. The group's investment pays off as Dream rises through the ranks with grit and determination and goes on to race in the Welsh Grand National showing the heart of a true champion.

Horse lovers will be charmed by the title character’s soulful eyes and knack for coming up big during the story’s most critical moments. You may remember that this real-life tale was previously the subject of the 2015 documentary also screened at New Park - ‘Dark Horse’.