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Inc. Pixar Short - CARL'S DATE

Peter Sohn | 2023 | 103 MINS
An original new feature film from Pixar Studios (‘Toy Story’) set in Element City, where fire, water, land and air residents live together.

In Detail

Arriving at the culturally diverse Elemental City, the fiery Lumen family (Bernie, his wife Cinder, and their tough and quick-witted young daughter Ember), left their families behind to start a new life for themselves. No one knows how to pronounce their names, and in a city primarily occupied by inhabitants comprised of water, they’re considered not welcome.

Years later, after much sacrifice, fiery Ember is ready to inherit the family business from her aging father. When one of her outbursts results in a broken pipe, water seeps its way into the shop, as does the highly emotional and charismatic Wade, a water element which works as an inspector for Element City and decides to shut the Fireplace down.

When Ember makes her appeal to Wade to reconsider, he chooses to help her, taking them on a journey where opposites attract and the two elements who physically cannot be together (literally, they cannot touch, as she’ll evaporate him, and he’ll extinguish her if they do) will come to realize just how compatible they truly are.

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