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Everything Went Fine

Tout s'est Bien passé

François Ozon | 2021 | 112 MINS
France/Belgium | Subtitles
André Dussollier and Sophie Marceau are outstanding as a father and daughter whose tricky relationship is upended when he asks for her help to die.

In Detail

After André has a severe stroke and with the grudging support of her younger sister Pascal, Emmanuèle begins sorting through the complicated processes and bureaucratic hurdles necessary to fulfill her father's request.

What ensues is a more tricky period of negotiation, heavy on the banal practicalities of ending a life, revealing much gallows humour amid the rougher emotional labor. Complicated family baggage also emerges in the process.

Director François Ozon avoids melodrama, focusing on people going through their lives day to day. Thanks to the accomplished cast and sophisticated approach, the emotions are there, but they don’t overwhelm the story.

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