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James Card | 2023 | 80 MINS
UK Premiere

Two couples plan a car-share to attend a wedding. When one half of each couple drops out, the “plus ones” make the long trip from Wales to East Sussex together.

In Detail

This feature-length debut by the Brighton-based writer/director/editor James Card is a modest road movie distinguished by fine performances from Roisin Rae and Brooks Livermore.

Their dialogue and their interactions, much of them improvised from a conversation-free script outline of just 16 pages, are entirely credible and there are hints of Linklater’s ‘Before Trilogy’ in this impressive exercise in understatement by a filmmaker who has long wanted to make a work in the “mumblecore” sub-genre.

Director Statement
“Note to self: shooting in a car is really problematic… as is taking an entire crew on the road!” - James Card

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