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Four Little Adults

Neljä Pientä Aikuista

Selma Vilhunen | 2023 | 122 MINS
Finland | Subtitles
International Panorama: Finland

In the middle of an infidelity crisis, a middle-aged couple decide to open their marriage and venture into polyamory.

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In Detail

When the marriage of politician Juulia (Alma Pöysti) and parish priest Matias (Eero Milonoff) hits a rocky patch due to Matias’ affair with Enni (Oona Airola), the expected tearful confrontation follows. But Juulia sits down with Matias and Enni and suggests an open marriage, handing the pair a guide to polyamory.

Evoking the middle-class relationship turmoil of much of Ingmar Bergman’s work, albeit without his propensity for dramatic heft, this Finnish film charts not so much a love triangle as a love rhombus. It is a mature piece stuffed with thorny relationship dilemmas, pre-occupied by sex and populated chiefly by a sparse cast of well-heeled, intelligent characters in safe, comfortable surroundings. If Bergman were alive, this is exactly what he would be creating.

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