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Fritz Lang Talk

From Weimar to Hollywood

Nick Smedley | 2022 | 120 MINS
UK | Some Subtitles
Fritz Lang was the acknowledged leader of the German film industry in the 1920s, culminating in his 1931 masterpiece, ‘M’. His subsequent career in Hollywood was not so spectacular nor as consistent, as he struggled to navigate the intricate politics of the American studio system.

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In Detail

Nevertheless, with such potent dramas as ‘Fury’, ‘You Only Live Once’, and ‘Cloak and Dagger’, Lang made a brilliant and enduring contribution to film culture. Nick Smedley is an expert on Hollywood cinema and American history, and an engaging and friendly speaker.

Illustrated copiously with mouth-watering film clips, this is a talk to educate, elucidate and entertain. There will be plenty of opportunity to join in with your questions and observations, so do join us for a journey into the darker regions of the human psyche with the German master. 120m

Sat 17 Sep 10:30 – in the Auditorium

SPECIAL OFFER: Fritz Lang Talk plus 'M' for only £13.