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God’s Creatures

Saela Davis / Anna Rose Holmer | 2022 | 100 MINS
As her son returns home after years away, Eileen is asked to give him an alibi which sets in motion a terrible series of events.

In Detail

One night Eileen (Emily Watson) is called down to the police station to give a statement.

A charge of rape is to be laid against her son by a complainant whose identity she can easily guess. Can Watson give an alibi for her son, and swear, on oath, that he was at home with her? Her answer to this question sets in train a terrible series of events. Emily Watson breaks your heart conveying the guilt, doubt, and denial she goes through, and the directors work with her by slowly shifting to close-ups focused on her face, while things fall apart around her.

Also starring Oscar-nominated Paul Mescal.

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