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Une Femme Du Monde

Cécile Ducrocq | 2021 | 97 MINS
France/Belgium | Subtitles
Marie worked as a sex worker for 20 years. To ensure her son’s future, Marie wants to pay for his studies. She needs money, quickly.

In Detail

Marie, an independent and militant woman, has never needed anyone's help, including when it comes to raising her son. When the latter is expelled from his certificate of professional competence training class, Marie cannot accept it. Dreaming of a brighter future for him, she decides to enrol him in one of the best cooking schools in France. But her income does not allow her to pay the school fees.

She has to find a solution, at any cost. This is an unflinching and generally positive, though complex, portrait of someone doing their best in difficult circumstances. Supporting herself and her son through sex work, Marie (Laure Calamy) delivers a strong performance.

This film is called ‘Her Way’, but it's actually ‘Une Femme Du Monde’, literally 'A Woman of the World'. Worldly it is, and more. Alongside this central relationship between mother and son, Marie is navigating her life as an independent sex worker in France and as a sex club employee in Germany. She helps to organise a protest against client penalisation laws in Europe and strives to make sex work safer for all the women.


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