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Lasse Hallström | 2022 | 93 MINS
‘Hilma’ explores the incredible life of artist Hilma af Klint, who is now widely recognized as one of the Western world’s first abstract artists.

In Detail

We follow Hilma af Klint (Tora Hallström) as she grows up as a curious and scientifically interested young girl, eagerly looking for the wisdom of life and death. While attending the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, she meets a circle of female artists that share her passion. Together they found “The Five” and create occult practices in an attempt to communicate with the spirits of the higher world, eventually she manages to convey the spiritual world through painting.

However, the world proves it is not ready yet to understand the gravity and pioneering character of Hilma af Klint’s paintings. This is a brave, extraordinary, strangely moving and at times transformative piece.

Co-stars Lily Cole and Lena Olin.

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