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Hold the Front Page!

Sandy Guthrie | 2021 | 120 MINS
Illustrated Talk - Studio

Former journalist Sandy Guthrie of the Cinema Education Team looks back at the portrayal of journalists in the cinema in this illustrated talk, featuring clips from a range of films from the silent era to the present day. Scroll down to see a trailer for the talk.

In Detail

When a character appears in a film with a press pass jammed in his hatband, a notebook in his hand, or a microphone poised to be pushed into someone’s face for a quote, it can mean one of several things. Journalists in films can be crusaders or evil manipulators, or just a useful way of explaining the plot to the audience.

This illustrated talk, led by former journalist Sandy Guthrie, will examine different screen newspaper and magazine writers, as well as broadcasters, throughout the history of cinema, looking at fictional hacks and true-life investigative newsmen and women, and the way they have been portrayed. Films are riddled with them, some comic and some dramatic, some dynamic and some sinister. The writers behind some of these characters will be under the spotlight too. Some of the great journalist characters were created by writers and directors who had first-hand experience of the press from the inside as former journalists.

Fri 12 Nov 18:00 - In the Studio

Tickets £6.50 (Friends / Under 25's - £5)