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Kamal Lazraq | 2023 | 94 MINS
Morrocco | Subtitles
International Panorama: Morocco

A father and son in the suburbs of Casablanca get by on petty crimes for a local mob. When a kidnapping goes wrong, they must find a way to dispose of the body.

FROM 12 Jul

Date and Times

Fri 12 Jul
Sun 14 Jul

In Detail

Hassan (Abdellatif Masstouri) and his son Issam (Ayoub Elaid) are a mismatched pair of itinerant criminals in Casablanca who are given a kidnapping job by a local crime lord. The plan does not go as expected and the duo are left with the task of disposing of a body – a rather large one.

During the dark night that follows, the balance of power and authority between father and son shifts, though the price Issam pays for taking control will be, if all goes well, a life of indentured mob servitude. The film is briskly told with atmospheric tension, visceral and confidently cavalier in its depiction of everyday underworld brutality, with a sharp, street-lit sense of. Viewers will appreciate actors rich in weathered, storied faces of the kind not typically found by the dozen in acting schools.

Very well received in Cannes 2023.

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