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Babak Anvari | 2022 | 110 MINS
Theatrical Premiere

An engrossing thriller that follows a young graffiti artist who discovers a shocking secret that would put him and the ones closest to him in danger.

In Detail

This will be a surprise and is not the Hugh Bonneville you know from ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Paddington’. Very realistic plot with solid performances by all the cast, especially those from Bonneville, as a judge, and Kelly MacDonald as the young man’s mother.

Bonneville is magnificently oily as Blake, a man who has convinced the world he is a nice guy, although every now and then the mask slips and we see the anger and bigotry bubbling beneath. George MacKay is Toby, the graffiti artist who ‘tags’ the homes of England’s wealthy elite.

Hugh Bonneville writes: “Babak Anvari’s script took me completely by surprise. Just when you think you've got a handle on the story it turns left, then right, continually subverting expectations. Hitchcock, film noir, refreshingly contemporary.”

Our thanks to Netflix for this first theatrical screening.

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