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Il Buco

The Hole

Michelangelo Frammartino | 2021 | 93 MINS
Italy/France | Subtitles
Ten years after village doc ‘Le Quattro Volte’, Michelangelo Frammartino returns with an observational piece centring on a deep-cave system in Calabria.

In Detail

Young speleologists explore Europe’s deepest cave in the untouched Calabrian hinterland. The bottom of the Bifurto Abyss, 700 meters below Earth, is reached for the first time.

The intruders’ venture goes unnoticed by the inhabitants of a small neighbouring village, but not by the old shepherd of the Pollino plateau whose solitary life begins to interweave with the group’s journey.

It's a magnificent piece of work, completely beguiling from end to end and one which wears its immense philosophical profundity with admirable lightness. ‘Il Buco’ proves that cinema still has the capacity to astonish in a very innocent, childlike way.

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