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Fridtjof Ryder | 2022 | 82 MINS
Starring Mark Rylance, ‘Inland’ is a modern fairy tale that explores the fractured identity of a young man after the mysterious disappearance of his mother.

In Detail

A young man of Romani descent, returns to his hometown of Gloucester where he is met by local garage mechanic, Dunleavy (Rylance).

They embrace, smiling, but what past does the young man carry with him? What awaits him back amongst people he doesn’t really understand and who don’t understand him? And what lurks in the forest, watching, silent, old as the trees?

‘Inland’ is an impressionist experience that dips into folklore horror, while also putting as much emphasis on realism and the psychological effects of abandonment. Verging on the experimental, this is a daring dance with the form and traditional rules of storytelling.

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