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Jazz Biopic Talk

All the Things You Are – the Jazz Biopic

Sandy Guthrie | 2022 | 120 MINS
In this talk to mark Black History Month from Sandy Guthrie of the Education Team, illustrated by some memorable clips, he will explore the ways in which real life jazz musicians have been portrayed on the big screen.

In Detail

The jazz musicians who created a new 20th Century art form, often at great cost to their wellbeing, have been brought to the big screen since the 1930s. Veering from a critical gaze to hagiography, the lives of the great jazz men and women have been recreated on screen with varying levels of accuracy – often using absolute guesswork and sometimes producing almost fictitious versions of reality.

No documentaries will be included in this look into the jazz biopic – simply the film portrayals of jazz icons over the decades, examining attitudes to the subjects and differences in filmmaking in the long-lasting and ever-developing world of jazz music.

From the early days of New Orleans jazz through to the giants of bebop and beyond, there will be plenty of exceptional music and clips from films purporting to tell the story of jazz and the people who have made it what it is.

Sat 29 Oct - in the Auditorium