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Kaamelott – First Instalment

Kaamelott - Premier Volet

Alexandre Astier | 2021 | 120 MINS
France/Belgium | Subtitles
French Film Festival UK

We end this 18-film season of Francophone cinema with a comedy medieval fantasy - an offbeat retelling of the legend of King Arthur and his knights.

In Detail

Ten years have passed since Arthur Pendragon renounced the throne of Kaamelott and disappeared after handing it over to Lancelot du Lac, who has since established a reign of terror over the kingdom of Logres. The Knights of the Round Table have disbanded and formed pitiful pockets of resistance against Lancelot.

Everyone wonders what happened to Arthur, from Lancelot (who wants him dead and put a bounty on his head) all the way to the oppressed smallfolk (who want him to return). But does Arthur really want to bother coming back to Kaamelott to help them once more and reclaim the throne?

More than a decade ago, French actor, director, writer, composer and comedian Alexandre Astier started a new TV series called ‘Kaamelott’ (the spelling is deliberately awry). It is often described as France’s equivalent of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and there are certain similarities and also with the Gallic time travelling comedy hit and its sequels ‘Les Visiteurs’.

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