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Jean-Pierre Melville | 1962 | 108 MINS
France | Subtitles
A burglar betraying other criminals, prepares for a big heist with a trusted friend that might be as untrustworthy as he. Martin Scorsese’s favourite gangster movie.

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Wed 17 Aug
Thu 18 Aug
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In Detail

Fresh out of prison and hell-bent on revenge, Maurice Faugel, finds himself, once more, on the run from the police after what should have been a quick and simple robbery. Everything points to Maurice's former friend and partner-in-crime, Silien. However, did Silien really rat on Faugel?

Jean Pierre Melville is influenced by American crime movies of the 1930s: shadows, night, trench coats, guns, tough guys, cigarettes, slinky dames, cocktail bars, crooked cops - confining the characters within their own lives and space. Terrific performances, and equally terrific camerawork from Nicolas Hayer - more gris than noir - conjure a rivetingly treacherous, twilit world.

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