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Aka ‘Contempt’

Jean-Luc Godard | 1963 | 103 MINS
France/Italy | Subtitles
A sumptuously stylish study of a rocky marriage and fraught professional relationships, Godard’s unusually straightforward adaptation of a novel by Moravia is also his most hauntingly beautiful film. Starring Brigitte Bardot, Fritz Lang, Jack Palance and Michel Piccoli.

In Detail

On a movie adaptation of Homer's epic poem 'The Odyssey', an aspiring playwright, Paul Javal (Piccoli), finds himself caught between the creative director (Lang) and the crass American producer, Jeremy Prokosch (Palance).

While the director wants to faithfully recreate Homer's world artistically, the producer demands a more commercial feature and waves his mighty chequebook to make it happen. When Paul finds himself swayed by the power of the producer's money, he sees that his wife Camille (Bardot) is beginning to regard him with increasing contempt.

Making the most of Raoul Coutard’s luscious Scope images and Georges Delerue’s achingly lovely score, Godard ensures that we care about this troubled couple even as he illuminates, with incisive wit, the corrosive compromises often inherent in filmmaking. This monumental achievement, which combines the classical with the radical, is presented here in a new 4k digitally restored print.

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