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Local Hero – Bill Forsyth Talk

The Heartfelt Films of Bill Forsyth

Lynn Keltie | 2022 | 90 MINS
Not Just a Local Hero - Illustrated Talk

From his Glasgow roots, director Bill Forsyth learnt his craft making promotional films and then low-budget pictures with local youth theatre actors. ‘Gregory’s Girl’ (1980) charmed audiences before he made ‘Local Hero’ (1983), a film that is in many people’s lists of their personal favourites, including leading film critic Mark Kermode.

In Detail

In a lavishly illustrated talk in the auditorium, fellow Scot Lynn Keltie will examine his body of work, including ‘Comfort & Joy’, set in Glasgow’s ice cream wars.

Accompanied by Sandy Guthrie, Lynn will cover all his films from ‘That Sinking Feeling’ in 1979 to ‘Gregory’s Two Girls’ in 1999 — the second outing for Forsyth’s Gregory.

With a new theatrical production of ‘Local Hero’ at the Festival Theatre, the time is perfect to look at the career of this self-effacing filmmaker and his gentle screen portrayals of ordinary people.

Tickets £6.50 (Friends £5 / Students Free)

Sat 5 Nov – in the Auditorium