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Love Me Tender

Robert D. Webb | 1956 | 89 MINS
During the last days of the American Civil War, a gang of Confederate soldiers hijack a Union payroll. The pursuit that follows is destined to set brother against brother and tear a loving family apart.

In Detail

When 20th Century-Fox made a cheap CinemaScope western called ‘The Reno Brothers’, they couldn't have foreseen how one lucky stroke of casting would recoup their production costs within three days of the film's release.

For, as younger brother Clint Reno, rock 'n' roll sensation Elvis Presley made his screen debut, and the title of the movie was changed to that of his ballad. Although third-billed, Elvis is a natural and effortlessly steals the film. There's a marvellous mid-section where the whole plot stops to give audiences a taste of the singin' sensation in his prime, as Elvis performs ‘Let Me’ and ‘Poor Boy’.

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