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Luis Bunuel Talk

Objects of Desire - the Subversive Cinema of Luis Buñuel

Patrick Hargood | 2022 | 90 MINS
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In this talk, illustrated by a range of clips, Patrick Hargood, Education Officer looks back at the career of one of the great iconoclasts of the cinema, Luis Buñuel.

SPECIAL OFFER: 'Luis Buñuel Talk' plus 'The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie' for only £13.

In Detail

In 1929 the young Luis Buñuel directed, with Salvador Dali, one of the most memorable and shocking short films ever made, ‘Un Chien Andalou’, followed the next year by the surrealist feature ‘L’Age d’or’, before disappearing as a film director for nearly twenty years.

He re-emerged with the neo-realist masterpiece ‘Los Olvidados’, a prelude to one of the most glorious late flowerings of any film director, with a series of strikingly original and hugely entertaining works in the sixties and seventies, including ‘Viridiana’, ‘Belle de Jour’ and ‘The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie’, which is screening at Chichester Cinema on 8 and 11 October.

In this talk, illustrated with plenty of clips, Patrick Hargood will look back at the life and career of an iconoclast of the cinema, who influenced, among others, David Lynch and Pedro Almodóvar. 90m + Q&A

SPECIAL OFFER: 'Luis Buñuel Talk' plus 'Discreet Charm' for only £13