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Pawo Choyning Dorji | 2021 | 110 MINS
Bhutan/China | Subtitles
In this feel-good comedy drama, an aspiring singer living with his grandmother in the capital of Bhutan dreams of getting a visa to move to Australia.

In Detail

A young teacher in modern Bhutan, Ugyen, shirks his duties while planning to go to Australia to become a singer. As a reprimand, his superiors send him to the most remote school in the world, a glacial Himalayan village called Lunana, to complete his service.

He finds himself exiled from his Westernized comforts after an arduous 8-day trek just to get there. There he finds no electricity, no textbooks, not even a blackboard.

Donji’s screenplay finds an ideal balance of gentle humour and life-affirming drama.

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