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Patrice Lecont | 2022 | 89 MINS
France | Subtitles
French Film Festival UK

The legendary Gérard Depardieu brings to remarkable life one of the most beloved characters from 20th century crime fiction in this wonderful film.

In Detail

Maigret investigates the death of a young girl. There is nothing to identify her, no one seems to have known her, nor to remember her. He then meets a delinquent who strangely resembles the victim. The star himself commands an uncharacteristic stillness, dialling down his famous charisma, surrendering himself to the material.

‘Monsieur Hire’ director Leconte’s attention to detail is perfectly attuned to Maigret’s investigative style. His motive is to entertain, which he assuredly does, with empathy and flair.

Cast includes Jade Labeste, Mélanie Bernier, Aurore Clément, André Wilms and Pierre Moure.

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