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Pier Paolo Pasolini | 1962 | 106 MINS
Italy | Subtitles
Having renounced her ignominious past, a former streetwalker (a powerful performance by Anna Magnani) reunites with her son. Can she protect him from the same snares that wounded her youth?

In Detail

With a fervent yearning for respectability and enough money to buy herself a brand-new life in Rome, the uninhibited, fearless, determined former streetwalker Mamma Roma renounces her ignominious past to reunite with her loafing 16-year-old son Ettore.

Free at last from her disgusting pimp and ex-lover Carmine, Roma is bent on making an honest living running a humble vegetable stall, but a malicious extortion scheme and the equally insidious menace of exposure threaten to put an end to her zealous aspirations for a decent bourgeois existence.

For his own sake, Ettore must be spared the violence of the adult world; nevertheless, can a lone single mother protect her only son from the same snares that wounded her youth? ‘Mamma Roma’ is one of the best films to come out of Italy during the 1960's. Anna Magnani is terrific as the strong-willed mother. It’s a homage to the neo-realist classics of the late 40's and mid 50's. In fact, this film compares greatly with some of the early films by De Sica and Fellini.

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