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Miki Maniaco

Carla Forte | 2021 | 82 MINS
USA | Subtitles
After being laid off from ‘the happiest corporation on earth’, Miki and his friends try to make sense of their lives in this experimental drama.

In Detail

This irreverent critique of the entertainment industry, shot in black and white, is visually arresting – as we have come to expect from Carla Forte, founder of the Bistoury Physical Theatre and Film, whose experimental work features stylised movement.

Miki, a mime best known for his stage persona as the most famous mouse of all and now showing signs of dementia, is described by one of his colleagues as ‘part poet, part murderer - all that and a bag of chips’. Overall, a worthwhile challenge.

We are delighted to welcome producer/actor Carlos Leon, and producer Robert McNutt to host a Q&A after the screening.


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