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Neil Jordan | 2022 | 109 MINS
Liam Neeson stars as the brooding down on his luck detective is hired to find the ex-lover of a glamorous heiress.

In Detail

This suave, beautifully designed, gorgeously costumed 1930s-set noir takes you back to corrupt Bay City, where the sun shines brightly over disgraced cop-turned-private-investigator Marlowe.

Neeson is sly and sexy here, his voice rumbling, as his Marlowe contends with an unreliable heiress (a perfectly chilly Diane Kruger), her untrustworthy movie-star mother (Jessica Lange, squeezing the part for all its worth), a slippery kingpin (Alan Cumming) and an MIA gigolo (François Arnaud) - while stylishly solving a mystery that Chandler would have appreciated.

‘Marlowe’ is great fun, and fans of the character, Neeson’s action roles, classic noir, and contemporary noir would be well-advised to check it out.

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