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Mavka. Lisova Pisnya

Oleh Malamuzh & Oleksandra Ruban | 2023 | 99 MINS
Ukraine | Subtitles
A beautiful Ukrainian animation based on a well-known story from Slavic mythology that celebrates the power of love, and the harmony between humankind and the natural world.

Followed by a Ukrainian choir, music and snacks.

In Detail

After a long-forgotten war between humans and the spirits of the forest that sees the mountains declared forbidden to humans, Lucas is tasked by the evil Kylina to find the tree of healing that caused the war.

Young and naïve forest nymph Mavka takes a shine to village artist Lucas, to the strong disapproval of the rest of the forest spirits and humans alike. There are strong ecological themes here, as well as some good old-fashioned fairytale morals about vanity and selfishness.

There’s not a hint of postmodern irony in this production, which is a pleasant change from Hollywood’s trend, and also benefits from some lively Ukrainian folk music with striking close harmonies.

Join us in the Jubilee Hall at New Park following this film, where Yuliana Korochentseva will host an afternoon of Ukrainian snacks and music, including a choir and traditional instruments.
We will be making a donation to help Ukrainian refugees after the screening

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