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Medusa Deluxe

Thomas Hardiman | 2022 | 101 MINS
A fun and extravagant murder mystery that shines a light on the beauty of hairdressing whilst leaving audiences guessing in this quick-witted whodunit.

In Detail

This comedic murder mystery filmed in one-shot, surrounds a group of hairdressers at a regional hairdressing competition.

Their work comes to a grinding halt after the discovery that the rumoured frontrunner has been killed – from here this fun film unfolds into a story of detective work, rivalry, and artistic obsession. Visually stunning with skilful editing and cinematography, these two crafts complement each other perfectly here, with the most impressive being the way it looks due to the cinematography work of Director of Photography Robbie Ryan - Oscar nominated for ‘The Favourite’ and ‘Fish Tank.’

‘Medusa Deluxe’ leaves audiences guessing until the very end about not only who committed the crime but how exactly Hardiman was able to pull off such a visually delightful feature debut.

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