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Making a movie is the art of the impossible. Who are these strange magicians who create movies from a blank page through to a film which will be seen by millions across the world?

In Detail

These mysterious alchemists who bring together an extraordinary band of highly talented craftsmen to defy the odds and aim for the skies? Here is an opportunity to meet three of these multi award-winning filmmakers: producers Douglas Rae and Robert Bernstein of Ecosse Films and celebrated writer, Jeremy Brock.

Together they have produced three high profile movies, and in this presentation will show excerpts from each one to discuss the process behind them.

Mrs Brown (1997) - The story of the remarkable friendship between the most powerful ruler in the world, Queen Victoria - played by Dame Judi Dench - and her highland servant John Brown - played by Billy Connolly. It was a friendship that would save the monarchy from becoming a republic.

Charlotte Gray (2001) - An adaptation of Sebastian Faulks’ World War Two bestseller, starring Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as the young woman dropped behind enemy lines in France to help the French resistance.

Brideshead Revisited (2007) - Evelyn Waugh’s masterpiece novel about class, Catholic guilt and a young man who flew too close to the sun. Starring Ben Whishaw, Matthew Goode, Hayley Attwell and double Oscar winner, Emma Thompson.

Douglas, Robert and Jeremy will discuss their roles as producers and writer respectively; how they brought these films to life from page to screen and, for anyone looking to get into the industry themselves, how to embark on a career in film and TV.