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Moon, 66 Questions

Selini, 66 Erotiseis

Jacqueline Lentzou | 2020 | 108 MINS
Greece | Subtitles
Jacqueline Lentzou’s highly anticipated debut feature is a considerate and touching portrayal of familial dynamics as Artemis returns to Athens to attend to Paris, her frail father.

In Detail

The pair have struggled to communicate with each other for much of Artemis’s life and now, as her father deteriorates, she must face their fragile relationship head-on. Her seclusion at her father’s home leads to the discovery of his well-hidden secrets.

As she delves into this newfound information, she begins to see him in a new light and love him as the father she never knew. A captivating and painful film about repressed trauma that explores miscommunication as a basis for understanding family relationships.

This unconventional feature debut eschews anything as trite as a emotional rapprochement, but it does carve out a shared emotional space for the pair.

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