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Mother and Son

Un Petit Frère

Léonor Serraille | 2022 | 116 MINS
France | Subtitles
In the 80s, this lovely film sees Rose moves from the Ivory Coast to Paris with her two young sons. Over the next 20 years, their family is constructed and deconstructed.

In Detail

A son remembers his single mother: her wayward passions, her boyfriends, her yearning unhappiness – which he can see now but couldn’t then.

He and his brother experienced the toughest of upbringings with her, as immigrants from Ivory Coast in 1990s France.

It is a narrative that is to end with mother and son meeting as adults, although these two people will perhaps never be able to see each other as such; never be able to decide if this a grownup moment for forgiveness or accusation, or if the burden of silence imposed by love has finally lifted.

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