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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Nia Vardalos | 2023 | 91 MINS
Join the Portokalos family as they travel to a family reunion in Greece for a heartwarming and hilarious trip full of love, twists and turns.

In Detail

Back in 2002, Nia Vardalos’ ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, based on her own upbringing and romantic life, went on an unprecedented box office run, climbing every week through sheer word of mouth to become the highest-grossing romantic comedy ever.

The Portokalos family takes a trip to Greece for a reunion with their extended Greek family - the final wish of patriarch Gus, who has passed away. (The real-life actor who played Gus, Michael Constantine, passed in 2021). While Toula and Ian search for Gus' childhood friends, love blossoms between Aristotle and Paris (which is an unwelcome development to Paris, who had ghosted Aristotle before the trip), and Aunt Voula continues to be Aunt Voula, the most hilarious member of the Portokalos family.

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