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Paul Oremland | 2023 | 90 MINS
New Zealand
World Premiere – New Zealand

When a media storm threatens the marriage between a vicar and his Samoan boyfriend, something extraordinary happens.

In Detail

'Mysterious Ways’ tells the story of Peter Simmons, a vicar who wants a church wedding with his Samoan boyfriend Jason.

For Anglicans, this is not allowed, and homosexuality itself is still taboo in Samoan culture. When news of the marriage makes headlines a storm erupts in the media and God is forced to step in! It’s a side of the rainbow community not often explored on the screen despite the impact of religion on millions of LGBTQ+ people around the world.

At its heart, ‘Mysterious Ways’ is an interracial love story. There was real chemistry between the leads, British actor Richard Short and screen newcomer Nick Afoa – who bravely takes on the controversial role after a successful stage career, most famously as Simba in the West End production of ‘The Lion King’. Afoa, who is of Samoan and Croatian heritage, was drawn to the role, saying: “This film bravely confronts issues around sexuality and religion.” Powerful performances and an incredible, dedicated crew have brought this New Zealand Pacific story to life in a way that has exceeded all expectations.

Our thanks to Peccadillo Pictures for this screening.

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