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Next Door


Daniel Brühl | 2021 | 92 MINS
Germany | Subtitles
Daniel Brühl plays himself, sort of, in his directorial debut which mocks actorly self-importance and Berlin’s creeping gentrification.

In Detail

Daniel is heading to a London casting call for an inane-sounding superhero blockbuster that will elevate his career to new heights. Taking a time-out at his local bar before his flight he meets Bruno (Peter Kurth) an embittered neighbour with his sights set on ruining Daniel’s morning, and more besides.

An amusing, accomplished debut, Next Door works best as tart meta comedy, becoming increasingly tense as it spirals into an obsessive revenge thriller. Brühl clearly has the director’s gift for smart and snappy filmmaking especially as most of this entertaining two hander is set in a bar. This is a mercilessly honest film that skewers celebrity’s hollow soul.

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