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Bouli Lanners | 2022 | 99 MINS
UK/France/Belgium | Some Subtitles
This romantic drama is set and shot on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, and the wild, beautiful terrain and harsh weather are important characters.

In Detail

The people on the island are of few words. They are also devout Presbyterians, so it is a community that keeps its emotions in check. When Phil (Bouli Lanners) has a stroke, he is left okay physically but can’t remember anything much about his life before he collapsed.

He is a middle-aged Belgian man who had moved to Scotland some time earlier and who works as a farmhand for a local landowner. He gets on well with the farmer’s son, but the old man has little time for foreigners so, when Phil returns from hospital, the farmer’s mature-aged daughter, Millie (Michelle Fairley), takes it upon herself to reacquaint Phil with his work, his home and his surroundings.

Phil, of course, has to rely on the few people who know him to tell him who he is and what he was like before his amnesia and has no choice but to accept what he is told, although his doctor says that his memory loss may be temporary. Thus, when Millie reveals to him that they were secretly in a relationship, he has no reason to doubt her.

Lanners and Fairley (Lady Stark from ‘Game of Thrones’) are beautifully cast to play the autumnal lovers and it’s a pleasure to watch these two consummate actors change as their characters emerge from their dour, protective shells and blossom under the influence of romance. It is a highly original idea, one that will keep you guessing until the film’s moving climax. Make sure you have a tissue in your pocket! In English and French.

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