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Nowhere Special

Uberto Pasolini | 2020 | 96 MINS
James Norton tries to find a home for his young boy when a cancer diagnosis gives him only a few months to live.

In Detail

John (Norton), a 35-year-old window cleaner, has dedicated his life to bringing up his 4-year-old son, Michael, after the child’s mother left them soon after giving birth. John’s cancer diagnosis propels him into a search for the perfect family to bring up his son.

And so begins a series of encounters with potential adopters. Set in contemporary Belfast with a fantastic cast of unknowns, the film really succeeds via the chemistry between Norton and Daniel Lamont who plays the son.

Although this sounds like a slog through somebody’s misery, ‘Nowhere Special’ is never melodramatic or heavy-handed but an intimate and touching character study. That said, you ought to bring the tissues.

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