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Official Competition

Competencia Oficial

Mariano Cohn & Gaston Duprat | 2022 | 115 MINS
Spain /Argentina | Subtitles
With Penélope Cruz playing a director who must harness the rivalrous egos of her two leading men, played by Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez, this comedy eschews easy laughs for something more intricate.

In Detail

A billionaire businessman in search of fame and social prestige decides to make a unique, ground-breaking film.

To achieve this goal, he hires the best of the best: a stellar team consisting of famous filmmaker Lola Cuevas and two well-known actors who boast not only an enormous talent, but also an even bigger ego: Hollywood star Félix Rivero and aging theatre thespian Iván Torres. They are both legends, but not exactly the best of friends.

If awards season gets up your nose, with its self-congratulatory speeches and luvvie back-patting, this playful and wildly entertaining Spanish satire on the filmmaking process is the perfect antidote.

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