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On the Basis of Gender

A Talk for Women's History Month

Lynn Keltie | 2023 | 100 MINS
Focus on Film

With screenings of ‘Women Talking’ and ‘The Conductor’ this month, we look at how women’s struggle for equality has been portrayed on screen.

In Detail

Lynn Keltie, a member of the Cinema Education Team, considers how the struggles for gender equality that women have faced, and continue to face, can be understood through the depiction of this issue on film.

She will be showing a diverse range of clips from different periods and cultures, which she hopes will inspire discussion on the issues and challenges which affect women.

Under consideration will be films from the UK ('Made in Dagenham', 'Suffragette'), from New Zealand ('Whale Rider') and from Hollywood ('Hidden Figures'). Many of these films are based on real events and several were made by women directors, a role generally denied to women in the past. As opportunities for women to call the shots in movies have increased in recent years, Lynn will look at how this has affected the ways in which the struggle for women’s rights has been portrayed in film.
100m (inc Q&A)

Sat 18 Mar 10:30 – In the Auditorium

Tickets £6.50 (Friends £5/Students Free)