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Paris Memories

Revoir Paris

Alice Winocour | 2022 | 105 MINS
France | Subtitles
Filmmaker Alice Winocour based her film on her brother’s experience of the Bataclan attacks, but focuses on how survivors put their lives back together after such events.

In Detail

Virginie Efira plays Mia, a no-nonsense journalist and translator in her 40s, partner, no kids. It’s bad luck on a grand scale that she’s in the restaurant targeted by terrorists.

Winocour films the attack mostly from Mia’s perspective, flat on her stomach lying on the ground. Like her, all we really see is the killer’s feet. It’s the sound design – breaking glass and terror – that makes it unbearable. Three months later, with a frustratingly hazy memory of the attack, Mia finds herself numbed and unable to resume her life. Efira is brilliant in scenes where she doesn’t say a word, barely twitching a muscle in her face, yet somehow you know what she’s feeling.

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