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De Son Vivant

Emanuelle Bercot | 2021 | 92 MINS
France | Subtitles
French Film Festival UK

How to live knowing that there are only a few months left? This is the painful question asked by director Emmanuelle Bercot in this powerful drama led by a formidable Benoît Magimel and Catherine Deneuve.

In Detail

A son in denial of a serious illness. A mother facing the unbearable. And between them a doctor and a nurse fighting to do their job and bring them to acceptance. They have one year and four seasons to come together and understand what it means to die while living. There is no miracle cure here – no Hollywood deus ex machina moment to save the day.

Bercot’s film faces its subject head on without attempting to provide misplaced hope of a sunnier conclusion. Catherine Deneuve received a standing ovation at Cannes for her performance.

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