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Petrov’s Flu

Petrovy v Grippe

Kirill Serebrennikov | 2021 | 145 MINS
Russia | Subtitles
International Panorama: Russia

A comic book artist contracts flu during an epidemic and subsequently embarks on a strange journey through Russian society.

In Detail

In a story that ostensibly spans a day - but also zooms elastically through memories and dreams - our weary shepherd through much of the heaving insanity is jaded mechanic and comic book artist Petrov, marvelously played by Semyon Serzin with a slumped, hangdog demeanor that doesn’t appear to have shifted in years.

Petrov and his friend Igor take a fantasy fuelled journey through the city while his librarian ex-wife dispatches abusive men in her spare time as a crusading vigilante.

There are many dazzling and mindboggling sequences in this crazy film. And as an example of pure punk rock cinema, it is akin to being waterboarded with Smirnoff.

Please note that this film was incorrectly certified as a 15 in our printed brochure. It is an 18.

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