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Les Promesses

Thomas Kruithof | 2021 | 98 MINS
France | Subtitles
French Film Festival UK

What should it profit a woman, if she gains the whole world but loses her own soul? Isabelle Huppert’s Mayor Collombet faces tough choices in this adroit and absorbing tale of French political life.

In Detail

Clemence Collombet is nearing the end of her second and final term as mayor. Her faithful chief of staff Jazid (Reda Kateb) grew up in the run-down housing estate Les Bernardins and it has been Collombet’s pet project to renovate and restore the area. However when she receives a discreet offer to join the government she risks derailing everything she has worked for compromising her friends and integrity.

'Promises' is cleverly plotted and captures a sense of the wheeler dealing, gladhanding and backstabbing that are par for the politician’s course. Huppert is excellent but it is Kateb and his righteous anger that you will remember.

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